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We are very excited to now be offering Balanceability (Learn to cycle)! Balanceability is the UK's only accredited 'learn-to-cycle' programme for children aged 2½ and up. We offer this programme through local schools and nurseries as well as our block sessions run at local venues at the weekend.

We are currently taking bookings for our weekly sessions at

  • Castle Sports Complex, Spalding 9.15am level 1 course 27th April and level 2 course 22nd June.

    Contact us for details on our upcoming blocks or to book these sessions in your school or nursery.

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    Our learn to cycle course is made up of 10 sessions: six 45-minute sessions for Level 1 and four 45-minute sessions for Level 2.

    Level One
    Level One covers the fundamental movement patterns, gross motor skills and dynamic balance are incorporated alongside an introduction to the balance bike. Children learn to pick up, manoeuvre, mount and dismount and how to ride the balance bike safely. Level One aims to build confidence in the ability to glide on the balance bike and how to stop in a controlled manner.

    Level Two
    Level Two continues the development of gross motor skills, dynamic balance and co-ordination. The main goal is to improve the child's gliding, stopping, braking and turning skills, enabling them to ride solo on a pedal bike safely and with confidence.

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