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7/5/20 Taking micro breaks
Nowadays, a huge aspect of our everyday life is sedentary work but it is important that we incorporate micro breaks in to our routine especially when working.
But, what is a micro break? Micro breaks can simply be described as short or small breaks away from the work and bringing a little movement to your body such as a stretch, a short walk to the coffee machine or just standing up and having a chat with a colleague for a few minutes.
Frequent short breaks are better than longer fewer breaks so make sure you bring a mini break in to every hour of your working day. Micro breaks help with reducing stress levels, increasing productivity and reduce the strain on your eyes, body and mind.
Written by Holly Barrett

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10/4/20 Stay connected
COVID-19 or the Coronavirus pandemic is a challenge for everyone. Social distancing can at times make you feel lonely or disconnected from your friends and family. It can be a difficult time especially if we are forced into self-isolation or have limited contact with people.
By nature, humans are social beings and enjoy the company of others. Staying in touch can be tricky in our busy day to day lives but we should all try to make time to stay connected. Try speaking to your neighbours over the fence or dog walkers on your daily walk as you may be the only person that they see that day. Utilise the amazing technology that we have available to us such as making regular phone calls, video calling or even try an exercise class online.
We are currently offering online fitness classes via Zoom and our clients have told us that it is a fantastic way to exercise, have a chat with friends old and new as well as keep a routine to their day. If you would like to try one of our online sessions, please contact us for further details.
Written by Holly Barrett

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7/3/20 Keeping healthy
With the constant headlines about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and reminders to wash our hands regularly, how often do you clean your mobile phone?
With constant swiping of the screen, texting and scrolling it's no wonder that our phones can begin to harbour germs. We've seen people take their phones off to the loo with them, then sit using them at the dinner table!
A simple disinfectant wipe should do the job of keeping your phone clean and hopefully means less chance of it picking up germs.
Written by Zoe Myall

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11/2/20 Portion sizes
Portion size is often one of the areas that is forgotten about when you are trying to lose weight. The number of calories that you consume has a direct impact on the amount of weight you can lose. We have previously written about the amount of intake calories compared to the number of calories burned up by exercising will affect your weight.
For example a can of Coca Cola
is 140 calories which is the equivalent to 22 minutes of running, a tube of Pringles is 980 calories the equivalent of 3 hours 20 minutes walking or a pint of Guinness is 210 calories or the equivalent of 1 hour of yoga.
According to a survey by the British Nutrition Foundation many Britons do not know how much food constitutes a healthy portion. They are releasing a new guide called ‘Find Your Balance’ which is aimed at supporting people with estimating appropriate portions when cooking and serving food. Written by Holly Barrett

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9/1/20 Friendly Match Stamford Strollers V Spalding District
Spalding and District Walking Football Club started the year against very strong opponents in Stamford Strollers Walking Football Club. The round robin games were played away at Borderville Sports Centre, Stamford.
The first game saw both teams struggle to keep possession with several sloppy paces being easily intercepted in midfield. However, Spalding and District soon began to dominant and moved the ball quickly from defence to attack. The Stamford goalkeeper made a few spectacular diving saves to frustrate Spalding & District but eventually the deadlock was broken with a cracking effort into the bottom corner. Spalding continued to press to get the second goal but in the dying seconds left the defence wide open for the Stamford player to tap home the equaliser through the goalkeeper’s legs. The first game ended 1 - 1.
During the second game, Spalding & District continued in the same vain and pressed hard on Stamford’s goal. Stamford felt the pressure and the game got quite tense during the first half before they scored the opener. The second half began at a blistering pace and Stamford scored almost from the kick off. However, Spalding & District didn’t give up and continued to push forward and took a range of shots from distance and close range but without any further success. The game ended 2 – 0 to Stamford Strollers.
Coach Holly Barrett, from Give It Some Fizz, said ‘Many of the opponents regularly represent England and Wales National teams so this was always going to be a challenge for us. However, the team held their own throughout the games and showed that they can compete at a high level.’ Written by Holly Barrett

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2/2/20 New Year Fitness Goals
You’ve had a fun Christmas and New Year celebration but now our minds turn to change and new beginnings. It is difficult not to get carried away in the New Year when setting yourself goals or resolutions especially when it comes to fitness.
When setting targets you need to be SMART rather than choosing non-specific targets such as I want to lose weight or I want to be fitter. By being SMART and setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed targets it is far easier to achieve. Here are some examples if you are looking to improve your fitness setting a target of 30 minutes of activity 2 times this week that strengthen my muscles and bones (e.g. weights, Pilates, yoga) or taking 30 minute brisk walk each day or replacing 30 minutes of screen time (e.g. TV, social networking, gaming, watching videos) with 30 minutes of physical activity 3 times this week.
If you are unsure of where to start but know that you want to make changes to your lifestyle get in touch with us to discuss your needs.
Written by Holly Barrett

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9/12/19 Friendly Match Glinton V Spalding District
Last week, Tuesday 1st December, Spalding and District Walking Football Club faced their latest opponents Glinton Walking Football Club. The game, played away at Arthur Mellows College under the floodlights, started at a frantic pace. Spalding & District soon began to take a hold of the match and controlled long periods of possession.
Glinton held strong in defence but struggled to get the ball out of their own half. Spalding & District continued to press and fired in more and more shots on goal. The superb Glinton goalkeeper kept them at bay until the 23rd minute of the first half where a blistering curved shot from Phil Cooper of Spalding & District flew past the goalkeepers outstretched arm and into the bottom corner.
The second half started in a similar fashion with a dominant display from Spalding & District. However, Glinton’s tactic of overloading the defence made it difficult to get shots on target. Glinton attempted several long range shots, which were excellently saved by Spalding’s keeper. After several near misses from Spalding & District the second goal was scored or so Spalding and their supporters thought. Offside was given and during the confusion Glinton broke away with three players and scored the equaliser. In the final five minutes, Spalding and District continued to push for the winner but sadly to no avail. The game ended 1:1 and a rematch has already been arranged for the spring. Written by Holly Barrett

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24/10/19 Meal Prep
Meal prep probably brings up images in your mind of cooking for hours and hours at the weekend and putting the next 7 days worth of food in to food containers. For some people this is a great method for them to be prepared for their week without having to think about what they will be eating on a meal to meal basis. It can be an excellent way to take the time on the weekend to consider what healthy options that you have for the week and make food in bulk quantities.
However, for others this method of meal preparation can be very overwhelming, time consuming and can also mean that you lose flexibility in your food choices.
A method that we often suggest to our clients is meal mindfulness. This simply requires you to consider your option for the following meal, day or week. It can involve planning out which meals you wish to have whether this is a list or just a conversation with your family. In its simplest form it can involve deciding what you will have for dinner that evening and making sure you have the required ingredients in the cupboards or you have taken out food to defrost in the morning. Meal mindfulness avoids coming home hungry and grabbing convenience food or takeaways. If you need any support with getting started we are happy to arrange a Personal training session with you. Written by Holly Barrett

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20/9/19 Starting a new regime
Do you struggle to fit exercise into your routine? Maybe you don't have a routine, but you need more activity and don't know where to begin? Well, you are not alone so don't panic! Getting into a good routine can be challenging but it doesn't need to involve working out in a gym everyday for hours at a time.
Whenever you are starting something new, you shouldn't try to go to extremes as it generally ends in failure. You are much better off making smaller changes and gradually increasing the challenge level as you improve.
So if you are embarking on a new fitness regime then start off with increasing the amount of cardio exercise that you complete. The easiest way to do this would be to go for a 30 minute walk each day in your break or take the stairs rather than the lift. It may seem simple but it will make a big difference. Once you have successfully achieved this goal you can make the challenge harder such as jogging for 30 seconds at a time whilst on your walk or running up the stairs.
It is important to make realistic targets that are achievable and once you have achieved them set new ones! If you need any support with getting started we are happy to arrange a Personal training session with you. Written by Holly Barrett

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26/8/19 Getting back on it!
You’ve been away on your holidays and your exercise routine and diet has gone out of the window. Fear not! It can be hard to get back into a routine especially if you have not been mindful of eating or exercising whilst away.
However, the hardest part is getting started. Think carefully about what you want to achieve and set yourself realistic goals. If you already had a good routine set up before you went then get back on it or if you need a helping hand we are here to help. Personal training can be an excellent way to help you get started with a new routine and to help motivate you to achieve your goals. Written by Holly Barrett

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26/7/19 Is it barbeque weather yet?
The weather has been very warm lately so we must be officially in BBQ season! This can be a tricky scenario to negotiate especially when it comes to avoiding overeating and making good dietary choices.
Whether you are the host or you are attending a barbeque it is crucial to have food that is good for you. Make a conscious effort to prepare foods or contribute foods that are healthier and homemade such as salads, kebabs, sauces, burgers and bread rolls. Most of the time when you make your own it is often cheaper and tastier!
When you think BBQ often the first thought is meat! Selecting leaner proteins such as chicken breast, ostrich / buffalo burgers or fish is a great way to get a healthier protein fix. Creating your own burgers from lean mince is also very easy to do and doesn’t take much effort.
If you make your own salads use a variety of leaves, add some crunch such as cucumber and carrots or add some citrus flavours from fresh lemons and limes. Impress your friends and family with homemade sauces such as Greek tzatziki or tomato ketchups. These will contain far less sugar than the shop bought versions.
Vegetables are easy to prepare and cook on the BBQ. Let your friends choose their favourite veggies and make their own skewers. That way no one will have that awkward having to leave the veggies that they don’t like on their plates!
Finally making your own bread rolls or flatbreads is fun and easy. Everyone always thinks that making bread takes ages but it is the proofing that takes the time not the actual making. Children love to make bread so this is an excellent way to get them involved in the cooking process.
Written by Holly Barrett

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10/7/19 Sleaford Academicals V Spalding & District WFC
Spalding and District Walking Football Club latest opponents were Sleaford Academicals Walking Football Club. The two teams had recently met at the Wisbech Invitational Tournament which saw Spalding & District narrowly losing 1-0 to Sleaford in the dying minutes of the game.
This time around four mini fifteen minute matches were played away at Carres Grammar School and Sleaford started at a thunderous pace winning the first game 3-0. Spalding & District gallantly fought back in the second and third game with a several cracking efforts from close range only to be denied by the Sleaford athletic goalkeeper. Despite the lightning reactions from the Spalding goalkeeper, Sleaford’s dominant counter attacking play lead to some belting goals and the games ended 2-0 and 1-0 respectively.
After a final rousing team talk from player/manager Holly Barrett who demanded to see some goals, Spalding and District went all out into attack. They controlled possession of the ball throughout the final game and were rewarded by a fantastic solo goal and a penalty. Spalding and District were unlucky to score a third and conceded late on. The final game gave Spalding & District a well-deserved victory of 2-1.
Written by Holly Barrett

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19/6/19 Miles for Mind
I'm really pleased to say that I managed to complete running 25 miles in aid of mental health charity MIND in May with Runr - and here's my medal to prove it! I actually ran a bit more than 25 miles and I have decided to run my first ever half marathon next year. I'll be doing the London Landmarks on March 29, 2020, again for Mind. So watch this space as the training begins now! Written by Zoe Myall

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10/6/19 Learn to cycle
Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to older adults. It is also fun, cheap and good for the environment. Riding to work / school is one of the most time-efficient ways to combine regular exercise with your everyday routine.
Nearly half of the UK’s 6-year-olds are unable to ride a bike, which means that they miss out on the countless benefits of being able to cycle. Encouraging children to ride a bike can be a challenging experience for parents and carers so why not let us help you with this journey. Throughout our ‘learn to cycle’ programme the children will develop their balance skills on and off the balance bikes whilst learning the basic skills of moving, steering and braking. By the end of our blocks we aim for most of our children to be riding a pedal bike.
We also offer these sessions as regular or one off experience days to nursery and primary schools. To find out more contact us today about how we can support your child or children to learn to cycle.
Written by Holly Barrett

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20/5/19 My running journey
I’m currently taking part in Miles for Mind, running 25 miles over the whole month of May to raise awareness of mental health.
Keeping fit has played a big part in my life since I was a teenager but I’ve never really been a big runner. However, after turning 40-years-old and being inspired by some of my clients who are runners, I decided to give it a go, and have set myself the challenge of running a half marathon.
When I heard about Miles for Mind, I thought it would be a great target to keep me on track. Having not run much distance for a while, I have gradually been building up over the past few months to running from a mile and a half without stopping, to two miles, two and a bit, to just over three miles (or 5km). Now I’m up to five miles at a time. I’ve still got a way to go but I have to say I may have caught the running bug!
It just goes to show that if you train yourself enough to do something, you can do it. Yes, there are some days when I might not be ‘in the mood’ to put my trainers on but once I get going, I always feel better – and the buzz you feel at the end is worth it.
I’ve been enjoying being out in the fresh air and taking in some new routes around Quadring where Iive, Donington and Spalding. At the moment, just making the distance is enough for me, and while I’m not too worried about time, I’ve surprised myself that I’m getter quicker and quicker each time.
It’s just about getting started, which is sometimes the hardest part. It doesn’t matter how slowly you begin, you WILL get there. Written by Zoe Myall

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